Manchester Have An Endless Choice Of Transport Systems

When you’re in Manchester there are numerous ways of getting around seeing all parts of the town, from shopping to The Old Trafford. You have the choice of either the Metroshuttle bus (a free option), Metrolink tram, Manchester’s bus network or a taxi.


The Metroshuttle is free bus service that travels around and through the city centre with Piccadilly rail station, shops and restaurants all nearby.

There are a choice of 3 separate lines that go through different journeys to one another – they are likely to be perfect for wherever you go in the city centre. Each of them are easily identifiable.

  • Number 1 Bus: Starts at Piccadilly and travels through the town centre.
  • Number 2 Bus: Starts at Oxford Road and travels to Victoria. It also connects to 3 main train stations in the centre.
  • Number 3 Bus: Starts at Piccadilly and ends at Salford. It connects the West to the East.

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Metrolink Tram Network

The Metrolink is a light rail system that operates around Manchester, starts at the North and goes down to the South of the city, it offers a quick and reliable service. The closest stop to the city centre is Deansgate-Castlefield – only a short walk away. Click here for more information.

Many of the Metrolink Trams have been advertised on by local businesses in Manchester, which have all been creatively designed by one of the top advertising agencies.

The network first started in 1992 and has plans to extend as far as Manchester Airport and is estimated to be completed by the end of 2016.

Metrolink runs every few minutes from early morning to late in the evening.

Local Bus Travel               

Manchester has a multi-modal public transport network which makes it extremely easy to travel in and around Greater Manchester.

The buses in Manchester are easy to use with friendly and helpful drivers. There are always helping with directions and advice on finding the closest and best bus stop for your destination.

Many of the buses start at the hub of the centre, Piccadilly. Piccadilly is full of information including the ticket office, helping your journeys to become easier.

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